Our mission is to…

Drive change in the world’s major institutions, especially business, so they operate in service of well-being for all. This will reliably increase human health and productivity and foster sustainability. It will give change agents a vision of the future we want, who we are as humans, and how to implement well-being at work and in society. It will shift businesses to be part of the solution, not a cause of problems.


  • Develop a new narrative that inspires people and drives change in institutions to pursue well-being as a core mission, and implementation strategies specific to different locations.

  •  Shift corporate behavior to implement the new narrative.

  •  Shift flows of capital to companies and organizations behaving in ways that enhance well-being.

  •  Create the new narrative by combining the science of who we are as humans with how we can organize to solve the challenges facing us. We will set forth how businesses and all organizations can better manage people, shifting from exploitation for short-term profit to delivering holistic well-being as the basis for sustainable returns AND a healthier society. We will then crowd source it to change agents around the globe to frame appropriate strategies to take it to scale.